The Film The Bronze Screen

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According to the movie The Bronze Screen, I understand that the Spanish people started acting in US cinema and specifically in Hollywood from early 20th century. The Spanish cinema started with black and while movie. At the first they act with just Spanish representative, because they want control the American cinema and precisely Hollywood. The Spanish movie was in the first representation without the voice. After that they added the voice. The Mexican movies was increased in Hollywood cinemas because American people like it. However the Mexican actor was good with acting. Hollywood films was increased their Mexican market after the Spanish people participated in the American cinema. Also the people who watching Spanish movies was increased. After that Hollywood America has introduced representatives of the participating representatives Spanish and this was new to the world of cinema reserve America and some people surprise of the piece. Also this changed the way of the Hollywood cinemas also came a new world of movies and actors that is good for the Hollywood cinemas. To conclude that I thing the Spanish movies is good before and now because it give new ideas for movies and the new world of cinema, also a new color for All cinemas.
According to the movie Stand and deliver, I understand that one Spanish teacher his major computer. He get request from high school so he go to them. The high school told him that his major isn’t in the school. However, they told him that he

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