The Final Assignment For This Class Is To Address Person

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The final assignment for this class is to address person best leadership experience. This took some time to reflect on because it encompasses reflecting over several periods in one’s life. One of the personal best leadership experiences would have to be working in a medical institution as a team lead. This role challenges one as a leader because there are many personalities to deal with many of them were blue collar, everyday workers. This position calls for a leader that has to be transformational as well as situational. This final paper will address the approach utilized in the leadership position. It will also provide insight into the position and the followers and methods utilized in this role. The paper will also review the …show more content…

It was important that they were successful and I acted as a catalyst for them to achieve personal best. It was important to get them engaged in training and development to make them better workers and overall better people. In many instances, it was important to engage in situational leadership as well. Situational leadership was developed in the sixties by Paul Hershey and focused on being able to influence others effectively. It encompassed a framework that examines situations based on task behavior and relationship behavior. Task behavior is the level of supervision and routing that a leader has to give to the followers. Relationship behavior focuses on the level of socio emotional support that a leader has to supply to the workers. Situational leaders identify issues that they are attempting to influence, regulate their behavior in reaction to the incidents of the situations, interrelate with people on a level they can perceive and lead them on the right path.
This position provided me with the opportunity to continually revisit and maintain my awareness of strengths and determine I needed to work on as a leader. It allowed me to determine through conversations what would work and what solutions would not work in various challenges. It allowed the latitude of flexibility in certain situations and the ability to be consistent in others. The position

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