The Value and Leadership Skills in Healthcare

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The value and leadership skills in healthcare are both very professions are vital skills that are needed to provide everyday care (Graber, 2008). This literature review will explore the important values and leadership in health care. The review will provide the understandings of both topics. The term value can be determined by a person's standards and principles (Gaudine & Beaton, 2002). According to Grojean, Resick & Diskson (2004) leadership, is an actual way to improve patient`s. A good leader is said to reveal certain roles and behaviors that influence others in the way of positive change and direction. Viinamäki, (2009) back these same ideas but also have confidence in that there is a difference between value and leadership. They believe that leaders are viewed as individuals who can connect through motivation, visions, and inspire positive directions to generate company and organizational change. Graber (2008) impression of leadership can be understood as the capability of one person to impact the behaviors and actions of other people.
Grojean, Resick & Diskson (2004) suggest that leaders are responsible for facilitating their follower’s to become capable and guide them to improving their capabilities and strengths. Differentiating between different leadership styles can be done in a number of ways. It was determined that the traditional styles of leaders include authoritian (autocratic), democratic, permissive (laissez-faire) and bureaucratic (Viinamäki, 2009).

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