The Final Cultural Factor Involved With Education Essay

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The final cultural factor involved with education in Japan is the essential part of education in Japan that involves the strengthening of the moral values of students. Passing down important moral values to children is the job of the school and parents (Whitburn, 1995), and one notable value that is portrayed in every Japanese school is the ability to cooperate with others well and efficiently. With this idea of a “group identity,” there is less of an emphasis on the individual, but more on the whole, which, according to Whitburn (1995), also helps contribute to “order and discipline not only in society but also in the classroom.” Again, the dependence on each other is included in schools, and since there is so much dependence on each other, the need for good cooperation increases. Along with this Japanese concept of a group identity lies many expectations held for the students in many of the school rules common to most, if not all, schools in Japan. According to Koda (personal interview, October 16, 2016), an exchange student from Japan, students are expected to wear their hair and required uniforms in certain ways and not to violate certain rules; many schools also require students to join clubs, or extracurricular activities, which are fun ways to get along well with other students and foster good relationships with certain faculty members. While Japan’s overall education system seems to be simple and effective, it is not without its flaws, and people not used to

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