The Financial Industry And Its Impact On The Canadian Economy

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In this case study, Vancity’s CEO, Vrooman, is faced with making the tough decision of deciding if her organization is in a position to reprice its line of credit offerings, in order to stay afloat and competitive, and at the same time, not loose the trust of its customers, who also happens to be the owners. Furthermore, the study showcases how Vancity’s innovative value to adapt to the changing needs in their community gives them a competitive advantage amongst other financial institution. This case is important as it explains tough decisions that top executives and organizations as a whole, are often faced with making, in order to stay competitive and profitable. It also discusses the financial impacts of the recession in the late 2000s on the Canadian economy, particularly the financial industry. This paper will begin with an introduction to this case, discussing the financial industry, and its impact on the Canadian economy, also to be accompanied with some background information on the case study. This will be followed with an analysis of the case study and I will then determine possible decisions that could be taken, and the merits/drawbacks of each decision. At this point, I will elaborate on what decision I think would be ideal and provide the best outcome of benefitting both the organization and its customers.

Background Information
The financial industry in Canada is considered to be really stable and highly ranked globally. During the financial…
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