The First American Army By Bruce Chadwick Essay

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The main topics of “The First American Army” are the stories of eight men and their marches into battle, during the American Revolution. Bruce Chadwick, the author of “The First American Army”, is a professor, historian, lecturer, and author of over 28 books. He earned his doctorate in American History at Rutgers University, where he now teaches part-time. The American Revolution seemed like an interesting subject. The first chapter was about the battle of Bunker Hill. This battle took place on the seventeenth of June, 1775 in what was known as the Charlestown peninsula. The battle was over dominance of three highly elevated hills, Bunker, Breed’s, and Morton’s, which were held by the American rebels. General Thomas Gage, the commanding general for the British, ordered an artillery attack on the hills followed by an attack of more than fifteen hundred troops. The most amusing part of the primary assault was that after landing General William Howe, the man in charge of the operation, realized that they had the wrong size cannonballs for their cannon. Howe was forced to sent boats back for the right sized cannonballs, which was extremely amusing. Howe’s army slowly marched it’s way to Breed’s hill, where the Americans were patiently waiting for the British forces to get in close enough for their attack to do serious damage. The Americans attacked the British army with such ferocity that the British were forced to turn back and regroup. It took three assaults from the British

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