The First Day Of Aggravation In High School

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August 28, 2017 marked the first day of school for the Northampton Area School District, and the first day of aggravation for students district wide. When you think of school, stress, all nighters and the drama of everyday life comes into your mind, doesn't it? Does the sheer mention of the first day of school ring all of the bad memories and bad grades of last year into view? I mean, at least the support from your guidance counselors, vice principles and various other administrators should help you in any way they can, right? Seniors stress about final arrangements with college, classes and the future, while Juniors are entering their most important year in high school, just hoping, they have what it takes to get into their dream college, Sophomores, in the armpit of everything highschool still trying to fit in and find their way around, all while the Freshmen hang on by the end of a promise that was made only a week prior. “We care about you and will do everything in our power to help you through your next four years here with us.” On Freshmen night I was at the high school with my brother who would soon be a Freshman when I witnessed these words being spoken and immediately flashed back to when I needed them the most. In the past two years, I have suffered through high school without even the slightest bit of a helping hand. If you’re threatened, during school hours, on school property, the person sitting in front of you, with text messages clearly showing every single

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