The First Time I Rode On A Jet Ski With My Uncle And Fell Off

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The First Time I Rode On A Jet Ski With My Uncle And Fell Off By:Nina "Vrrooooooooommmmmmmmm" I can hear the engine of the jet ski as my uncle turns the key. My body shaking as I sit on the slippery leather seat.This isn 't going to end well I say to myself, imagining me slipping off of the seat and getting ran over by another boat." Hold on!" he is shouting at me over the loud noise. As I squeeze his waist I can feel the jet ski jerk us as we start to move. I can feel my stomach drop while my uncle speeds up. All of a sudden he starts to spin around in circles doing a 360! A 360 is when you spin around into a full circle. When you turn your body tilts to the middle making you feel like you are going to fall off.I squeeze his waist even harder as we get lower into the water, as if we were in a whirlpool. When he lets go of the handlebars, a little water runs into the feet rests. Finally we are out, I take a deep breath and relax. But the ride was only beginning..... Right now since we are taking a 30 second stop, I can see a catfish that looks like a piranha, with barbs that almost could be as sharp as a piranhas teeth."Yikes!" I whisper to myself. Usually I am not afraid to see fish, and go on a jet ski. I think I am just scared because I know how crazy he can get. Then, out of the blue he speeds up again going 40 miles per hour! As we pass another jet ski it sprays us with a big splash of water."Swoosh"

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