The Fischer Controversy. The Publication In 1961 Of Fritz

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The Fischer Controversy The publication in 1961 of Fritz Fischer book Germany 's Aims in the First World War, caused a wave of reactions from other historians and the general public. His claim angered German historians because it stated that Germany was solely responsible for the outbreak of World War I because they had “aggressive war aims in 1914.” According to Fischer, World War I was the excuse Germany needed to advance these aims. Although Fischer’s claim focused only on Germany the impact he made was felt among other nations who had also taken part in World War I. In turn each of these nations reacted differently to it. However, through articles written by T.G Otte and J.F.V Keiger some similarities appear between Britain and…show more content…
He concludes by stating that the initial impact in Great Britain was limited and its lasting impact is said to be ambiguous. While in West Germany it “was explosive in the short term, but overtime it was cathartic.” This article contributes to the discussion of the controversy by addressing the reactions and the impact Fischer had in Great Britain. Additionally, J.F.V Keiger brings in France’s nationalistic perspective on the Fischer controversy in his article “The Fischer Controversy, the War Origins Debate and France: A Non-History.” In this article Keiger discusses how little impact the Fischer controversy made in France and discusses the factors that made this possible. Keiger attributes the lack of impact do to the fact that France was mentioned only three times in the book, Pierre Renouvin, who was France’s specialist on World War I was critical of Fischer, and the publication date of the book in France. Furthermore, Keiger goes on to mention other French historians like Jean-Claude Allain and their reasons for why Fischer’s claims did not make such an impact in France as they did in West Germany. The discussion then turns to the state of historiography in France and its approaches to studying the origins of the war and the schism that seems to have occur within
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