The Five Principles Of Civilization

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The five principles of civilization allow you to get a better understanding of history. Not only does it break down the material for you to learn easier, but it allows you to receive the information for where you can remember the contents better. Principle one is Geography is Destiny, geography is what allowed civilizations to settle down, which led to the creation of agriculture, trade, war, politics, new inventions, etc., while it also helped them get to where we are today by striving to create a destiny for ourselves. Principle two is Agriculture Creates Civilization, civilization would die off if they couldn’t produce food so agriculture allowed civilizations to grow into cities. Depending on the geography of where the civilization was located, depended on what they could grow. So they had to adapt to their surroundings to figure out what they could grow. Principle three, Clashes of Culture Drive Innovation, shows how civilizations would fight each other for different resources (land, food, water) which led civilians to new ideas being invented like new weapons and strategies so they could defeat their enemy. War led to civilizations spreading and teaching their ways with other civilizations by them seeing their ideas so they had to do better (encouraged new ideas). Principle four, Trade Is the Lifeblood of Civilizations, trade made it possible for different cultures/civilizations to trade their goods and ideas. This allowed them to see other religions, agriculture,

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