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What it’s like to sell your way to the top. With commercial real estate, there are steps to take to become a successful salesman. There’s certain requirements that most business’s demand of future salesmen from a high school diploma to a licensure exam. There’s also key steps and skills that people must have to be a successful salesman. Next, the four types of positions of real estate. Another topic, will be the pay that a salesman makes each year. Finally, benefits that come with the job role. While it’s great to have a high school diploma and a college degree in business, it’s not required to have any degree to become a commercial real estate broker. The only requirement is passing the licensure exam given to …show more content…

One is a residential realtor for housing, they’re the ones who go out and try and sell houses for everyday people. A very popular realtor company that is well-known is Remax, founded in 1973 by Dave Liniger, is still one of the most used housing realtors around in most states. It was named the top real estate franchise. Another type of real estate is commercial, which means realtors that go out and try to sell property and land.
Many stores and businesses you see every day have been sold by commercial real estate agents. The last major type of real estate is industrial. Those types of realtor’s help manufacture building and properties, such as warehouses and sheds. They’re the big picture production in the industry. Industrial agents will typically have a flexible schedule, and be able to work at their own pace. That’s one of the greatest feelings is being able to completely be in control of your own schedule. I feel industrial real estate is the best type of real estate out there, right up there with commercial real estate. The pay for the real estate agents varies, depending upon what type of job you have. If you’re a housing agent, your pay goes off how many houses you sell. For instance, if you sell a house, then the owner pays the firm, then the firm pays the government and finally the government pays you a small percent of what the cost of the house was. Usually in all types of real estate you get 3% of the pay. In some rare

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