The Four Functions Of Management

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The four functions of management can be a vital roadmap in developing a quality structure in which to succeed. Most of us are pursuing a greater interest, whether it be education, a trip or perhaps some other type of leadership role in their lives. The purpose of these interests is usually for self-improvement. These choices will involve some type of planning, organization, leading and of course some type of control (Bateman & Snell, 2013). Our ability to succeed in these tasks can depend on our technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills. Most of us believe that we have our lives figured out. But like many before and for countless others, the world and life is constantly evolving and can become challenging. Most of these …show more content…

In today 's world managing a workforce or a household requires technical skills. These skills can be learned or created by following an existing effective process or devising one that has worked for you in the past. An effective manager can require a multitude of skills to achieve success. These skills can be divided into three categories. The first is the technical skills; this involves knowledge of their specific field and the process used to achieve success. The second, directional and decision skills can work like a foresight by the manager to predict problems that could occur; this allows the manager to prevent problems that would affect the organization. Lastly, the interpersonal and communication skill; which this student believes is the most important of the three (Bateman & Snell, 2013). Without being able to communicate in an effective way most supervisors wouldn’t be able to be as productive as they could be. The importance of leading involves being able to motivate the persons under their direction. Based on the aforementioned skills this student feels the manager he worked under was an ineffective manager. One average working day the facility this student worked at was short of staff; this student was assigned the post of infirmary. An emergency broke out; the patient was unresponsive. The other person on staff was a new employee, this person was not properly trained, so

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