Essay The Fourth Wave Of Feminism: A Personal Viewpoint

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As a fourth wave feminist of color, black feminism means many things to me. It means that I have many opportunities available to me that the first, second, and third wave feminist did not have. It also means that although we as women of color have been fighting for equal pay, equal rights and equality in our relationships, that we still have a long way to go.
Before I took this course, I thought that feminism was about equality, fighting, and power. When it comes to equality, I thought about being on the same level as men in every aspect of life. An equal opportunity to attend college, an equal opportunity to serve in the military, an equal opportunity to run for office, etc. When it comes to fighting, I think about fighting for …show more content…

I refuse to let someone get in the way of my dreams. If I have a relationship with someone and they are trying to change me or do not support my dreams then I will no longer associate with them. If I am around people that do not like the fact that I am in college in my late 20s and that I want to work up toward earning a Ph.D. or a J.D. then I do not need them in my life.
When it comes to my future, I am concerned about many things. I am concerned about finding a career doing something I love with a decent salary and benefits. I am also concerned about finding someone who loves me unconditionally and will accept me for who I am. I am concerned for the next generation of feminists. I wonder if our future leaders will appreciate the sacrifices that people generations before them have made so that they can have an opportunity to go beyond what their parents have accomplished. I wonder if there would have to be a 5th wave of feminism and how many “waves”, it would take until we have 100% equality with men. I am also concerned with the future of Social Security. I remember a time where you could retire at the age of 62, but in one of my classes last week, I was told that the minimum age is around 67. I hope that around 2045 (when I am 62) that there is some Social Security left for me so that I could retire.
I am also concerned about my freedom. I am concerned about reproductive rights and freedom to be me. I have always been the girl that refused to conform to

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