The Freedom Inside The Usa

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Defending Our Freedom Inside the USA

Our unalienable rights given to us by the founding fathers of America are being stripped away. Each and every day the senators and representatives of the United States of America meet and decide what laws to create or change. They make these decisions out of political and economic interest, not in the interest of what’s best for the people like they’re supposed to. Owning and using a firearm is a basic reserved right of the American people. When our nation was born, we were given certain unalienable rights such as the right to bear arms. Throughout the decades, the government has put a tighter and tighter grip around gun control until we get to present day where the over glorified, simple minded
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Owning and using a gun is entirely Constitutional and our Second Amendment right should never be taken away due to some criticism about “the minority” or “terror”.

Another argument against the owning and operating of handguns is that they are at fault for causing a mass majority of suicides committed in the United States. Firearms are the primary means of self termination in over half of suicides nationwide. “Suicide is the 10th-leading cause of death in the U.S.; in 2010, 38,364 people killed themselves. In more than half of these cases, they used firearms.”(3) This fact is used as an argument against guns because of the popular belief that if the person didn’t have access to a firearm then they would still be alive. Anyone who takes more than 5 minutes to dissect this statement would discover that the firearm was not at fault but the person. “According to the National Institute of Mental Health, complex and deep-rooted problems—such as depression and other mental disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, and a family history of suicide—often shadow victims.”(4) This statement shows that it’s not the gun that causes the problem, it’s the person’s environment and/or their past. If a man wants to commit suicide, he’s going to commit suicide. He doesn’t need a gun, there are hundreds of thousands of ways to end one’s own life other than pulling a trigger. A gun makes it no easier or more likely to commit a suicide, it is a tool
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