The Freedom Of Expression And Privacy Of Citizens

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Trump being elected for president, bombings and shootings of places in the United States, and even the Battle of Aleppo are recent events that have the government questioning freedoms and privacy of citizens. One of these freedoms that is being questioned is the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression, as stated, “is the right of every individual to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers ” (Freedom of Expression). This freedom is described in Article 19 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The other issue, privacy, is also important. In times of national crisis, freedom of expression and privacy affect the …show more content…

However, there is a potential to believe that Trump can be a threat to national security because of his social media presence (O’Connor). Trump plans on being extremely accessible during his presidency. However, not being careful or restricted to what he may say might threaten national security. However, Trump and his social media are not the only threat to national security. Social media is believed to be a threat to causing or impacting war. In two thousand and fourteen, we have already witnessed the President of Azerbaijan declaring war with Armenia on Twitter (Johnston). At this point, any government official may use the freedom of expression to post what they will on social media to get their point across. Not only is the problem government officials, but also citizens. Government officials for the United States have restrictions to a point, however, citizens are entitled to every right and freedom expressed in the United States Constitution. Therefore, if citizens find out volatile information, whether it is from a government official they know personally or from another source, they have the freedom to post about it. This leaves an open opportunity for other countries to use the information on the World Wide Web and use it to cause war or conflict (Jones). Another contribution to conflict and war by media is that the media does not state every detail of information. Most media post are

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