The French And English Europeans

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Before Europeans made initial contact with the First Nations tribes who resided in what would be later christened Canada, the First Nations tribes had a spiritual relationship with the land surrounding them, practicing methods of preserving both the land and the animals. Additionally, they also had a structural government that consisted of men dictating political matters and women controlling the economic results. The European ideology differed immensely; they saw the land as property to own and women as bearers of children and housekeepers. The differing cultural values of both became more pronounced when further involvement and association with one another took place, with the Europeans ultimately considering the First Nations tribes as …show more content…

For any noticeable changes to occur, the Canadian government must take further actions on First Nations issues and relations and construct programs to inform the public of the First Nations people past; only then shall they regain their identity.
Residential Schools
The Canadian government funded church-run residential schools in a successful bid to eliminate First Nations culture and assimilate children of First Nations people into idealized version of European youth. In 1883, the Indian Affairs policy directed their attention to the refocusing of residential schools as a front for a constituted act of assimilation under the guise of education. (“First Nations in Canada”, last modified November 21, 2013) The schools educated First Nations children with similar subjects taught to European Canadian children, simultaneously banning traditional clothing, language, and religion.
The assimilation however devolved into relentless emotional and physical abuse of the Aboriginal children if they were caught practicing any traits from their culture, with accounts of sexual assault documented. Students lived in inhumane conditions and were segregated from

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