The French Hip Hop History

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Melanie Georgiades, more commonly referred to as Diam’s, played a major role in the French hip-hop history due to her highly controversial music and challenging feminism brought out in a world of machismo. Born in Cyprus in 1980, Diam’s was an only child raised by a single mother in France, in the suburbs of Orsay. Growing up Diam’s was heavily inspired by French mainstream music: specifically rap and pop. Most notably among the musicians that inspired Diam’s are Supreme NTM and Public Enemy; similarities between the musicians can be heard in their music. The importance behind Diam’s music extends far beyond the scope of female empowerment. While Diam’s did play a prominent role in advancing feminist ideas in what has always been a largely male dominated rap culture, she also challenged many societal norms, especially in the Francophone world. By combining new styles with controversial messages Diam’s established herself as a true hip-hop artist, and did so successfully. Diam’s created a plethora of well-liked and popular musical albums throughout her time as a successful artist from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. These included SOS, Dans Ma Bulle, and Brut De Femme. The content within these albums were directly influenced by her outlook of the culture that she grew up in, and since her career was started at the mere age of fifteen, youthful ingenuity was added to her cause. This lyrical honesty boosted Diam’s into position of France’s most popular female rapper which gave
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