The Frog King Symbolism

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The Frog King has a lot of symbolism and lessons? Written within it. One of the big things I believe this story was written for was to show the young girls reading it that arranged marriage wasn’t that bad. At first the girl is detested by the frog,but is still forced to honor her promise by her father. She still despises the frog until she either kisses him or is thrown against the wall,depending on the version, and changes into a handsome prince. This just goes to show forced marriages can still turn out good and it isn’t as bad as it first seems. I also believe the gold ball could further symbolize arranged marriage. Gold is often a color that is associated with wealth and the girl looses “her favorite toy” which is the golden ball. I believe in some situations this could show how her family lost their wealth and is marrying the daughter off to a “frog king” to get it back. Similar to how the frog retrieves her golden ball, he returns the wealth to her/ her family. The gold ball could also symbolize a couple other things. Gold is used to make jewelry and other valuable things, but nots in it raw form. The young immature princess hasn’t been shaped into a person yet, similar to the unshaped gold ball. She is without her own morals or ideas, she promises to the frog she will let him sleep with her and is more than willing to break this promise if not for the stern words of her parents to honor her word. Many fairy tales involve this theme of a young/beautiful
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