The Functions Of Management Within A Healthcare Organization

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Tools of Control The functions of management in a healthcare organization include planning, budgeting, monthly reports, action plan, reporting adverse actions or reworking process failures. Functions that are used in other industries can be difficult to adapt and incorporate into a healthcare facility. The healthcare industry is not the same as other industries and harder to determine the actual costs associated with healthcare. It is very unique to the patient and how they respond to care and their medical conditions, thus less developed than other industries. Managers make use of all the tools that are available to them to carry out their duties, after proper training to deliver the best healthcare possible. …show more content…

The timeline illustrates the starts, time it took and when it ended. The vertical axis represents all the tasks related to the goal. This can be illustrated as transmitting a report, scheduling appointments, and filing, etcetera based on individual employees. Gantt charts use standard symbols such as straight lines, check marks, heavy lines, open and closed angles to illustrate starts, completions, time it took, progress and projected completion (Liebler & McConnell, 2012). Advantages of Gantt charts are that they are effective in illustrating the breakdown of work on a project or goal task. They show realistic time frames, show a picture of a complex process and can be visually seen. They also afford a way to keep eye on various activities and stages of a task or project. Disadvantages if a Gantt chart is that the work breakdown has to be accurate and predetermined to be useful. Missing components will not make it easy to track. Another disadvantage is that they are best used on smaller scale goal or project tracking and also do not work well when there are more than two depictions. Time and work is okay but when more complex break down is needed focusing on more than two areas it does not work well because too many sheets would have to be connected to illustrate some points. A flowchart is used to represent a logic sequence or an algorithm and is depicted by using geometrical symbols and arrows to show

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