Essay about The Functions of the Immune System

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Immune System Research Paper

1. EQ: How does the structure and function of my immune system keep me healthy?

The structure and function of our immune systems is a great help for our body to keep all of us healthy. Our immune system has a specific structure that it should maintain. There are also organs that play a major part for the health of our immune system. These organs are called lymphoid organs because of the lymphocytes that inhabit that area. (white blood cells) Bone marrow is also one of the key elements for the immune system, this is where all of our blood cells are being made along with the white blood cells. With the help of the bone marrow, white blood cells are constantly traveling throughout our bodies using the blood …show more content…

These tracts are home to goblet cells. These specific cells produce a sticky mucous that can trap dust and incoming infections. (microbes) Our skin also is the home to langerhans cells. When they sense that a bad piece of bacteria or infection they make sure to send a chemical signal to our body which attracts our white blood cells to kill the infection off.

Distinguish between a specific and nonspecific response:

Nonspecific responses in our immune system work by a wide variety of invaders. This means that they focus not on one type of cell but by different kinds. As for specific responses in our immune systems, these are asked to help when nonspecific responses are not enough to fight of the invading infection.

Describe the actions of B cells and T cells in an immune response:

T cells and B cells are cells that help defend our body. How these two types of cells act towards an immune response is when a specific germ enters the body, only cells thats can recognize it will start to fight off the germ. While this is happening our T and B cells will quickly multiply to kill the germ. Some of these two cells can be able to remember that exact invader so this can help make you “immune” to it. They remember it mostly by the shape, and by the substances on them. (antigens) Our T cells will fight against this certain infection by sending out chemical

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