Comparing The Five Pillars Of Islam

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The pillars of Islam are based off the prophets, and they all build the fundamentals to being a Muslim. The five pillars of Islam include Faith (Shahada), Prayer (Salat), Charity (Zakat), Fasting (Sawm), and Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj), the five pillars are the framework of the entire faith (Ayoub 2017). Muslims believe that the pillars came to be at the time of the prophet, what bestowed the religion to them, and the five pillars helped the religion succeed after the prophet’s death (Ayoub 2017). These pillars symbolized attribution to the prophets in the orthodox faith and to others a person's admission into the Muslim community. The pillars were created for acts of devotion and practices for the Muslim faith (Ayoub 2017). Although the pillars are based on the Muslim faith, some beliefs relating to the pillars show in other religions. Faith, prayer and fasting are a few of the pillars of Islam but they are not exclusive to only Muslims, they are also present within Christian beliefs and practices.
The first pillar of Islam is Shahada, also known as faith, which in the Arabic language means testimony. Shahada holds two key parts, one being that nothing deserves to be worshiped except Allah, and the second being that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah (Mufti 2006). These two key parts are the testimony to the Muslim faith, and every Muslim must make that declaration before joining the community (Mufti 2006). When talking about faith in Islam you can see some of those key

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