The Future Of An Individual Depends On The Quality Of Their Education Essay

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I believe that the future of an individual depends on the quality of their education. To obtain an exceptional education, one should be in school where the environment, the educators, and the peers partake a positive impact on the student’s success. Above all else, teachers play a vital role in a child’s endeavors, and thus should create classrooms where all the students will feel safe, visible, valued, and celebrated (Kohli, & Solórzano, 2012). Though, these statements are ideal and are very much associated with the innovation of the children’s bright future, are these the types of assertions that youths have encountered in school? I beg to differ, at least not in my high school.
Similar to the responses of the teenagers of color in Hunter’s (2016) article, I personally would have answered no as well if they ask me whether or not I would consider teaching in the future. Especially if someone asked me while I was still in high school, it would have been a definite no. Throughout the paper, I will entail the reasons why I never wanted to become a teacher before. I will also discuss in my arguments how the majority of my high school teachers shaped their work ethics based on their assumptions through their students’ identities and capabilities. These educators degraded their expectations on students of color without even assessing or seeing their students’ potentials. As a result, I believe because of the teachers’ ways of teachings, students may or may not positively impact

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