The Future Of Aviation Efficiency And The Impact On The Environment Essay

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AVTR-57000- Topics in Aviation and Transportation
Instructor: Bill Mckeowm
Research Paper 1
The Future of Aviation Efficiency and the Impact on the Environment
Simon Meilichson
Lewis University
Nov 18th 2016

Aviation is the major transportation industry in the world. It is the most efficient way to connect from place to place, and sometimes, the only way. It is a growing industry, unfortunately it results in a tremendous amount of pollution. The global community. Led by ICAO, the FAA and the US government, is united to reduce emission from aviation while trying to achieve a better, safer, efficient, sustainable industry. This is a hard goal to achieve when the industry is just growing. In this research paper I’ll try to illustrate the policy launched to create a clear path for a cleaner industry while facing old and new challenges, introduce the improvement related to the NextGen and advanced technologies and argue that although there are many improvements, we are still far from achieving optimal solutions for a verity of problems and the future of the industry in the age of fossil fuel is still a mystery.
The Transportation industry and aviation in particular have tremendous effects on the environment. This effect includes noise, quality of air, impact on the climate, pollution and energy waste, and water disaffection. The FAA is using an Environmental Management System (EMS) approach to help building strategies and helping future

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