The Future Of Game Design

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Kaley Addison
Mr. Samuelson
English 102
7 September, 2016

The Future of Game Design

In the year 2000 my parents brought home the very first Playstation, by that time it was already five years old but it was still the most advanced gaming system of its time. When I was five years of age my parents must have agreed that I had proved myself worthy to begin spending outrageous hours intensely gaming because that is exactly what happened the same day. A love for video games developed that day I stuck the controller in my hands and since then I have traveled through many worlds defeating the darkest of enemies; playstation and I are both 20 years old now. Multiple times throughout my intense battles I had been told that my obsession …show more content…

Knowing that women are not accepted in many male prominent fields today and are often verbally and physically discouraged from pursuing these careers made me skeptical but also encouraged me to look into why women aren 't joining these fields more. As discouraged as some of these battles growing up had made me feel I wanted to search further into my future career. Why is it that women are practically shunned from joining certain fields? It seems to me that this is due to a bigger picture; women and the act of being feminine has been oppressed in society for thousands of years in different cultures all over the world. We proudly boast that much of our society was developed from the ideas of the incredibly intelligent Ancient Greeks. I had thought as advanced as they were for their time that they would fully welcome women into a variety of societal roles but even the famous philosopher Aristotle had said “The male is by nature superior and the female inferior…the one rules and the other is ruled.” (Canadian Museum). We fail to acknowledge that even women in Ancient Greek society were just as shunned from societal influence as I feel we are today. Our society tends to set specific guidelines as to how a gender can act and these guidelines have been engrained in almost everything we do or see. Our society has been adopting a patriarch mentality for hundreds of years now and women were not allowed to

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