The Future Of Globalization On The East Asia

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The future of globalization in the East Asia Globalization has been one of the core factors contributing to the growth of the East Asia economy. This has been associated with the increasingly growth of globalization in all the aspects of life amongst the East Asian people. Additionally, globalization has led to a daily change in both the social, economic and political status of the East Asia. As such, East Asia has been known as one of the rapidly growing economies across the entire globe. More so, globalization has also led to a period of remarkable economic growth amongst the East Asian countries, therefore making this region to be a well-known beneficiary of the globalization. Importantly, there is need of determining the future of globalization in order to predict the state of the economy at that time. As such, there is need for recognizing the current trends of the transformations in the East Asia that will aid in determining the future of the globalization. As such, the prime objective of this paper is to evaluate the future of globalization in East Asian countries by evaluating the historical behind the growth of the economy, social and political statuses of the two sample countries in this region. Through globalization, most of the East Asian countries have flourished economic wise even if they did not start at the right end of the international division of labor. This is because globalization has enabled these governments to combine all the public and the vibrant

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