The Gazelle Oil Field Offshore

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Executive Summary The Gazelle oil field offshore has been producing for a number of years with all production exported via oil pipeline system to Fort Thompson. The purpose of this report is to assess and identify two different development options for the Gazelle field from wellhead to process gas and condensate, define export methods to Fort Thompson, and recommend an option that is safe, economical and supports future development. Two development options have been assessed and two export methods defined: Upgrade option with a pipeline export method and Total Replacement option with a shuttle tanker export method. This report includes flow schemes and layouts of the main components used from wellhead to the point of export for both…show more content…
Figure 1: Process Layout for Proposed Upgrade Option The process layout above is comprised of two 50% trains each with two stages of 3-phase separation. This option assumes the following: • Construction of a new steel jacket platform • Drilling module installed in new steel jacket platform to drill proposed wells • Accommodations moved to new platform to create space • Improvement/expansion of current process scheme by addition of gas dehydration and NGL extraction • No oil treatment system is required as fluid produced is light crude of 48.30 API • No gas sweetener system is required
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