The Gender Conflict in School Essay

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Throughout history, education has taken the face of men. Specifically, our existence has been ruled, quite dominantly, by men. Males have ruled as kings, conquered continents, and killed the meat necessary for our survival. Women, on the other hand, have performed the cleaning, cooking, and sewing; only recently, in the past 100 years, have women gained equal academic rights as men and have become incorporated in our education systems. This shift in the perspective of women has benefitted not only our country but the world, and women have most definitely taken advantage of their opportunity. Women now earn 25 percent more bachelor's degrees than men, catapulting their gender ahead that of men when it comes to the growth of the United …show more content…

With all these available sources of income, it is clear that fewer men would, in fact, seek to claim college degrees. With wages equal or even higher, men often make the more impulsive decision; opting out of college. Men and women have equal opportunities in school, regardless of the type of education pursued. In my experiences in school, I have never witnessed limits or restrictions set on young boys that young girls do not have as well. I have never witnessed gender specific classes nor have I witnessed any differences in the type of education allowed to both men and women. Female-favored curriculum is not the cause of a women dominated schooling system; it is, as I have observed and inferred, differences in interests and fundamental nature. Men tend to be toward the extremes when it comes to testing, resulting in more students who give up on school, while women tend to test more toward the middle, resulting in more consistent outcomes (Hulbert 415). The average student would love to go to college. The benefits of college, including receiving a higher paying career, definitely outweigh the negatives. For this reason, consistent test scores from women result in numerous college-pursuing women. However, for every genius man there is also a high school failure, causing an absence of men in the bachelor’s degree club. Men and women are two different species, and it shows when related to education. Biological and social

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