The Gender Gap Between Men And Women

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According to the Oxford Reference Dictionary, gender inequality can be defined as the “social process by which people are treated differently and disadvantageously, under similar circumstances, on the basis of gender” (Oxford Reference Dictionary, 2016). The gender gap between men and woman has been an ongoing issue, woman is considered to be the lower class and often take on the smaller roles. Men have been given the title by society as the bread winners and the head of the house. This type of behaviour is generally seen within the sports industry. Having co-ed sports teams will be cost effective and enforce equal pay amongst both genders, break and prevent stereotypes and increase girl power and create friendships. Sports leagues and…show more content…
Laura E Berk, who is a child psychologist mentions in her recent novel that “somewhere between ages 9 and 11 kids begin to develop gender stereotypes” (Berk, 2015). Berk also suggests that “it’s best to separate prepubescent girls and boys based on ability and cognitive development rather than gender” (Berk, 2015). However, by creating an environment where boys and girls are able to play in the same sport, it is an opportunity to curb these notions before they begin. From pewee leagues to professional sports woman are stereotyped by society in several aspects. These stereotypes occur all across the world, in variety of sports and in several other ways. Gender stereotypes do exist in sports and are likely due to traditional gender norms of our society. These norms exist because, for centuries woman were painted as the weak by men. Woman are constantly being evaluated by physical appearance rather than focused on skill level and performance. For example, the word softball is indicative of a gender stereotype. Baseball is also known to be called hardball, the woman’s sport is known as softball is gender stereotype in itself. This also creates the assumption that woman must compete at a softer and a less competitive level compared to men athletes. To add on “the equipment is also alerted based on gender as well. The size of a baseball in comparison to a softball is much smaller, making it more difficult to hit than a softball” (Patchan, 2015). This assumes
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