The Generation Born From In 2000S And Onwards, Will Know

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The generation born from in 2000s and onwards, will know less and less about the relic that will be soon known as shopping in a store. Many people can still recall their childhood memories of going to the grocery store with their parents and being excited of seeing all the colorful products that children love, such as candy, cereal and other snack foods. Thanks to the advent of the world wide web and technology increasing exponentially, online shopping has grown significantly over the past few years. According to research in 2007, “online grocery shopping was available in over 1600 zip codes; roughly 70 percent of them the retailer is the only grocer offering internet shopping. This has a significant impact on the convenience of online …show more content…

There can be a sale, where there’s an overabundance of people, making the shopping experience difficult and tiresome than it should be. Perhaps another difficult endeavor many shoppers endure is the inconvenience that is store operating hours.
Most adults often have very little free time on their hands, and sometimes they need a particularly store to either be open very late, or at least be open as early as possible. The great thing about online shopping is that there is no such thing as store operating hours. Online shoppers are allowed to purchase things at all hours of the day/night. Another positive thing about online shopping is that it will bring the fierce competition of local markets vying for you to spend your hard earned money on their products, using their online services. This will lead to many companies/businesses trying to lower each others’ prices, and giving the consumer the ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of online retailers. In essence, the main purpose for online shopping is “the promise of greater savings (Chiang, 2003) Not only are consumers given a lot more options to choose from, they are now actually able to save a few dollars. Another benefit of online shopping is the lowered costs of energy of running a facility or store. Since online retailers have a significantly lowered amount of people running the business, the cost of electricity, and other natural resources being used will be reduced.

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