The Genocic Causes Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust is a genocide that had many conflict theories throughout it’s campaign. In the Holocaust millions of people were killed due to the power of one man, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a politician in Germany who became the leader of the Nazi party. After becoming the leader of Germany in 1933 he was able to lead his people to killing as many Jewish people as possible and also millions of other people that were not. Hitler had thousands of camps around Europe, mainly in Germany and Poland that were ran by hundreds of thousands of his soldiers to pull off the tragic event that took place only 70 years or so ago. At the time Hitler could not be stopped his army was to strong and there were so many camps it was to hard to prevent what took place. Innocent people were removed from there own homes and forced to go to the concentration camps to either do slave labor or be killed. These people had no way of escaping and when they would try they would be immediately killed. People of all ages were captured and killed from young babies to old men and women. During the Holocaust every day thousands of innocent people were being tortured and killed. This lasted for just over 10 years leading to upwards of 20 million people dead. Many people in younger generations hear about these tragic events and think that and event like that could not possibly take place in our society today. These type of events will happen again if they are forgotten about because people will not stand up

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