The Geographic Diversity Of California

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Diversity has been at the heart of from the beginning. Not only is it diverse among its people but also its geography. California has the greatest variety of regional landscapes, climate zones, flora, and fauna in all of North America. The geographical diversity of California is deeply tied the geological theories of it scientific origins especially its sculpting through the movement of plate tectonics. California consists of 11 diverse regions with diverse landscapes. Regional diversity was greatly contributed by Europe. This was because European settlement in California began pretty late. California’s climate emerged about a few thousand years ago. It rose from the interaction of the ocean currents and temperatures, air pressures, wind and storms patterns, and the location of mountains and valleys. The climate differs from its geographical landscapes and locations of neighboring states. This is largely because of its dominant maritime influence. Further climate diversity is found in the semiarid climates in much of the San Joaquin valley. California has four of the five major types of climate found around the world. California’s geographic diversity would begin to be matched by its human diversity. Earthquakes are another factor to why California is so diverse. People are always migrating into California from all over the world. Diversity effects many things in different kind of ways. Census Bureaus are always a good reference to see how much California’s
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