Why California Is A Trendsetter. From The End Of The Second

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Why California is a Trendsetter From the end of the Second World War to the present day, California strengthened its area as a political, social, and cultural trendsetter. California is also extraordinary than most other states because of its diversity in the people and climate. California’s diverse topographical features such as, the rainfall, temperature and sunlight vary throughout the state. The seasons also vary in California changing the areas climate. Since the beginning of European settlement in California, climate has become increasingly important in shaping the state’s economy (Osborne, 6). During World War II, California grew vastly in the agricultural industry. Many of the soldiers trained in California since it was the…show more content…
“Travel routes, refueling stops, supermarkets, and overnight accommodations for drivers and their passengers were all vestiges of southern California’s love affair with cars” (Osborne, 250). As well as car industry that arose in California, there was also a vital airline industry developed in and near Los Angeles and San Diego (Osborne, 250). Because of these industries taking off in California many other states wanted what that state had. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the women and minority groups of California became extremely confident in their own rights (Osborne, 313). Many white, middle class women focused on their freedom rather than their religious views. Because of this, this also started to happen in other states. They wanted people to listen so these groups made there way to Pat Brown’s office (Osborne, 313). These women would not back down and Browns journey to appreciate ethnic diversity and gender justice was a long one. Brown mocked the homosexuals in San Fransisco and he gave no “thought about women with respect to equal rights” (Osborne, 313). As times changed, so did his views on rights for minorities and women. The counterculture movement started in the 1960s causing California to start another trend. The countercultural movement rejected the “Establishment’s” business-world values, and urged a mix of non-materialism, Asian religions, “free love,” and experimentation

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