The Global Expansion Project Is For T Mobile

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Risk Management Breakdown Structure The global expansion project is for T-Mobile to expand its supply base into China in order to be successful in the global economy. Recognizing what the available alternatives are available when identifying risk can be beneficial to the project since the methods utilized can be easily accomplished. The responses for each identified risk may have an effect on the other areas with the project overall. The responses also assist in determining how reactive or proactive the project will be in the planning. Organization Background The organization provides wireless service through subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands such as T-Mobile and Metro PCS. T-Mobile is a national provider of wireless voice, …show more content…

The goal of the global expansion project is to identify a network organization that can be worked with to create a partnership in China. Once the network organization is identified the goal is to measure the reliability and cost. The objectives of this goal consist of recognizing and mitigating potential risk that may arise when attempting to create a partnership from another country. Additional objectives include planning strategies that need to be developed to deal with any type of risk that may arise. The overall tool that will be utilized is by accessing the internet to determine what and how the different networks are identified and what types of laws and regulation govern the partnership in another country. Receiving effective information to allow the right information to assist with analyzing the risks involved. The effective information can be broken down in a work breakdown structure and tracked through a checklist. The tools and techniques that will assist in the accurate tracking and monitoring include an activity information checklist, interview methods that involve personnel with their direct work responsibilities. Additional techniques include studies conducted throughout the organization on processes and producers to include lessons learned from past projects. In analyzing risk there are two methods such as qualitative and quantitative risk analysis to assist in making the analysis process straightforward.

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