The Global Impact Of Human Trafficking

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The Global impact of Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a global issue that receives very little attention throughout the modern world; this issue effects every country on the global and all different types of cultures. Hillary Clinton said in 2009 “Trafficking thrives in the shadows, and it can be easy to dismiss it as something that happens to someone else, in somewhere else, but that is not the case. Trafficking is a crime that involves every nation on earth, and that includes our own.” (Behnke, 2015) This report will be focusing on how the different types of human trafficking play a role in different types of societies. I will explore the how economic impact on the western world because of human trafficking for labor to the impact of human trafficking for sexual exploitation in poverty-stricken and industrial countries, while also looking at the different types of individuals that are impacted by human trafficking. I will explain some of the local and global laws in place for human trafficking victims and their traffickers. This will include the laws that the United Nations has put in position to safeguard victims of human trafficking throughout the world. Asking the question, can we do more on a local and global scale to protect victims of trafficking and the prosecution of traffickers and if so what? Human tracking has been an active part of societies throughout the globe since before the 1400’s however, this period was the mark of the European slave trade, with

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