The Global Power Of The U.s. Dollar

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Behind the global power of the U.S. dollar, hides the most significant form of currency you 've probably never heard of, the Petrodollar. The word “Petrodollar” was coined by the Egyptian economist Ibrahim Oweiss, as a way to describe how oil producing and exporting countries were accounting for oil units outside of the regular money supply. While the Petrodollar may not be a commonly used term, I would agree with Economist Jerry Robinson when describing it as, "the most brilliant [series of] political-economic moves in recent history… [being] the fabric that holds our [U.S.] economy together”. As the major cornerstone for the U.S.’S economic prosperity and international hegemony, following the change of the Bretton Woods System to the Petrodollar system in 1971, I have found the largest independent factor to influence American international interests has been the implementation and preservation of the Petrodollar.
Bretton Woods System
In 1944, 730 delegates from all 44 allied nations met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire; in what would be later known as the Bretton woods conference. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss methods to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion of world war ii. A system of exchange rates agreed upon between the world 's major industrial nations , it tied the value of the U.S. Dollar to gold and the value of other currencies to the U.S. Dollar. Under the Bretton woods system, the external values of foreign

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