The Goal : Decrease Depression

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Goal: Decrease Depression
Description: “I need to stop the depression and learn how to be happy.” Within the next 3 months, Ashley will experience a reduction in depressive symptoms (i.e., sadness, isolation, agitation, hopelessness) from 5 days per week to 1-2 days per week aeb self-repo
Obj: Over the next 3 months, Ashley will verbalize incidents that make her feel depressed (being adopted, being in foster care) and use at least 2 coping skills to help with reducing depression (thought stopping techniques, challenge depressive thinking) weekly.
Int: PP will teach Ashley how to have positive interactions, create and implement positive activities with her children through talking and spending quality time (dollar movie, exercise, talking about school, etc.,)
Consmer Met his/her goal this session: partially Behavior:
Hilton L. Fordham, Jr., PP met with Ashley in the home to family skill building activities. Ashley is receiving services because of her inability to control her anger, aggressive behaviors, explosive mood swings, and poor communication with others. Ashley current behavior include being argumentative, oppositional with others, cursing, and increased irritability. During session Ashley presented alert and calm as evident by her willingness to engage with paraprofessional in activity and discussions. Ashley was well groomed and wore a white shirt with blue pants.
Paraprofessional met with Ashley, her sister, and her daughter to provide family
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