The Government Lie: A Case Study

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I do not feel it is ever appropriate for a government official to lie to the public. Reason being, the aftermath of a lie can do more damage than it envisioned, you lose trust in the government official and the government system, and it creates a chain reaction of lies that require another lie to support it. Napoléon Bonaparte, who was a master of modern propaganda, had a policy, “Never tell the truth when a lie would do him better (Shafritz/Russell/Borick, 2013). Some government official believes it is appropriate to lie to the public, when the truth would could cause more damage. An example, is the Watergate Scandal, President Bill Clinton scandal with intern Monica Lewinsky, and most recently Attorney General Jeff Session lie of having no contact with Russian Officials.…show more content…
He began the secret taping of all Oval Office conversations. These actions resulted in an investigation due to secret payment being paid to the burglar over a years’ time as hush money. President Nixon announced that no one in the White House staff, no one in his administration, currently employed was involved in the incident. Shortly after, he announced his resignation. The reason being, he had no more lies to support his original lie (Introducing Public Administration, 2013). Second, President Bill Clinton, scandal with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, is a perfect example of a government official’s lying to the public. His repeated statement, “I did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky”, is an example some felt was justifiable and fitting to deceive the public for its own good. However, the aftermath revealed other sexually inappropriate cases, such as the Supreme Court ruling in 1998 William Jefferson Clinton v. Paula Corbin
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