The Great Achievements Of The Italian Renaissance

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One of the great achievements of the Italian Renaissance is the application perspective, which is the product of the combination of science and art.The early perspective is invented by the early Renaissance painter.Perspective enabling artists to scientific accuracy in the reproduction of a two-dimensional surface having a three-dimensional space and figures. Art is not a simple art activity but a scientific activity. An artists use of perspective can create a realistic effect represented (Bouleau 1963). Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper, 1498 In the beginning of the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century, the perspective has become a basic skill, widely mastered by all painters. As one of three heroes of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci also use the principle of perspective in the creation of a master painting to highlight the theme (Wölfflin 1963). He worked on Santa Maria Delle Grazie of Milan ’s monastery dining room painted the famous fresco The Last Supper will fully reflect his talent in this area. The Last Supper story based on the Bible, says that in the Passover feast, Jesus and his twelve disciples had supper. During the dining, Jesus said that , I tell you that there was a man who among you betrayed me. After then , the traitor Judas to arrest Jesus and put him nailed to the cross. This religious story is common in Western painting (Conti 1979). Leonardo da Vinci made a careful process in perspective, the shape of the restaurant is designed to work with
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