The Great Artists Of The Conceptual Art Movement

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When one thinks of Art the most popular image is of great works, famous for their visually pleasing and intellectually rousing qualities. These works, aside from being visually and intellectually stimulating, have been used to challenge and encourage an audience to think about what it’s representing in flexible and open-minded ways, this is usually done by shocking the audience out of their “complacency” when viewing artworks. The great artists of the Conceptual Art movement especially emphasised this by focusing more on the concept behind a piece than the art itself. Three particular artists that are famous for challenging audiences with their work include Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968), Jenny Holzer (1950-present) and Ai WeiWei (1957-present). Even though these three artists are part of different times, countries, political and cultural movements, they all use their works to confront and challenge every part of their audience including critics, the media and the general public.
Marcel Duchamp is widely considered as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, his early works saw him in the Post-Impressionist movement however his want for art to be in the service of the mind saw his move away from that style of art. He was a French, sculptor, painter and writer whose work is associated Dada and with being the precursor to conceptual art. Duchamp spent nearly his whole art career challenging his audiences to think about what art really is. “His critical examination

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