'The Great Camouflage: Writings Of Dissent'

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Centuries ago, when Africans were being captured, taken and forced into slavery; a form of oral storytelling began to allow the slaves to express the suffering they faced. In 1865, after the Civil War, slavery had ended; although African Americans’ were physically freed from their chain, mentally they were still enslaved. African American literature did not emerge until the 18th century initially only producing memoirs on the struggles they face as a African Americans and how they suffered as slaves. Even though, African American literature began in the 18th century, it became the pinnacle achievement of any black author in the 19th century. Literature is a written representation of a particular subject in which a in depth explanation would…show more content…
This article is a dialogue between the author and the audience in…show more content…
The beauty and horror of this quotation are that although something unbelievably horrendous and heartbreaking was happening, the victims still saw the beauty in their lives and believed that, yes indeed, one day they too would come home.

The Great Camouflage was a brilliant first volume novelization written by the renowned Suzanna Césaire. This article spoke to very depths of any soul that would try and understand the emotional, mental and physical struggle that was displayed in this article. The angst of feeling torn between being African or French, or the idea of being women in a man’s world. Césaire explained the importance of freedom of speech and how surrealism can change how the world perceives an idea, thing or even
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