The Greatest Advancements Of Technology In The 21st Century

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In the past 20 years, technology has advanced faster than in the preceding thousand years. The biggest advancements have been major breakthroughs in computers, telephone, batteries, internet, Wi-Fi, and touch screen capabilities. These breakthroughs have dramatically changed many different areas of life, such as in the medical field and emergency situations. However, some critics say humans are now too dependent upon technology. Society is not too dependent upon it, these critics just can’t accept how technology is shaping this modern age. Technology has evolved the way humans work and solve problems. It allows for quicker, safer, and more reliable results with life-saving capabilities. Technology has made major advancements in the medical field. Before computers, all patient data was handwritten and charted on physical paper documents. These paper charts were often lost or misplaced, and physicians had to write quickly while dealing with the patient. Mistakes were sometimes made because of sloppy handwriting in the chart or on prescriptions. In the late 1990’s, electronic medical records were introduced. What was once thousands of paper files taking up massive amounts of space is now easily stored on computers and in databases. In most hospitals and medical offices, physicians and caregivers carry laptops or tablets with them into the exam room. They are able to instantly update the patient's chart while interacting with the patient. This allows for improved legibility,
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