The Greatest Composer Of All Time

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Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Hayden are well-known composers, but Beethoven is the greatest composer of all time. Everyone has heard the name Beethoven before. Why is he one of the greatest composer of all time? The answer is easy. He influenced so many composers after he died. Just like how Michael Jackson influenced other artists when he passed away. He made a huge impacted during the classical period and to the world. His music was influenced into the next centuries, and he is considered to be the best composer of all time.
Ludwig Van Beethoven was born December 1770 in Boon, Germany. His date of birth is unclassified because he was baptized on the 17th of December, but it makes more sense that he was born …show more content…

The trip to Vienna was really short lived because his mother, Maria Magdalena Beethoven was very ill and died. His sister also died and he had to take care of his two brothers. Later on, he went back to Vienne because he was studying with Joseph Hayden. Hayden saw Beethoven in Boon and made him go to Vienne. Beethoven and Hayden relationship didn’t last long because he didn’t like the way how Hayden teach (Budden). Beethoven would studied Counterpoint and slowly made a name for himself in Vienne.
First of all, his works were broken into three periods. The first period was mostly classical that he learns from Mozart and Hayden. He mostly played his piano. His early works includes the Op.18 String Quartets and piano sonata. His third symphony was once dedicated to Napoleon, but when Napoleon became the Emperor of France. He wasn’t a big fan of him anymore. Now, there is whole in the paper, when he was trying to get rid of Napoleon name. (Budden). The second period was his peak year. He uses a lot of Romantic references, and he wanted his works to fit the 18th century. His harmony were much easier than Mozart, and his slow moment became really short. During his second period, his works includes the Fourth Symphony to the Eight Symphony (Budden). The third period was personal to him because he was having a crisis in his life. He would use more counterpoint in his music, and he would his knowledge to increase his range to his

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