The Greatest Composer Of All Time

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Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Hayden are well-known composers, but Beethoven is the greatest composer of all time. Everyone has heard the name Beethoven before. Why is he one of the greatest composer of all time? The answer is easy. He influenced so many composers after he died. Just like how Michael Jackson influenced other artists when he passed away. He made a huge impacted during the classical period and to the world. His music was influenced into the next centuries, and he is considered to be the best composer of all time.
Ludwig Van Beethoven was born December 1770 in Boon, Germany. His date of birth is unclassified because he was baptized on the 17th of December, but it makes more sense that he was born on the 16th of December. He is one of seven children, and only three survived. That also includes him. His father and grandfather were both musicians. Johann Van Beethoven is Beethoven father. He was a decent singer in an Elector choir, but he was more into drinking. He would train Beethoven day and night in a harsh way because he wanted Beethoven to be the next Mozart (Eckley) .During Beethoven early years, he was working with Christian Gottlob Neffe as an assistant organist. Neffe would become really important in his life. Neffe helped him have his very first composition (Eckley). He went to Vienna, and that is where he meant Mozart. Mozart told his close friends that “this young man will make a great name for himself in the world…
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