The Green Hotel Industry And Its Practices

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The Perceived Perception of Green Hotels Among Tourists Within The Hong Kong Hospitality Industry And Its Practices.

Over the years, efforts to improve environmental conditions as well as social responsibility in the hospitality industry have grown dramatically among individual hotels as well as the entire hotel sector within Hong Kong. Green hotels, also known as environmentally friendly hotels, have become more and more familiar with consumers. The Green Hotels Association really sets the standard of what going green is all about, and in this review there will be some comparison and contrast between green stay in the United States and Hong Kong with reference to academic theory as well as different contrasting views on customer
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However, some customers are reluctant to pay a premium for green hotel rooms (Manaktola & Jauhari, 2007).

It is vitally important for hotel management to understand what kind of products and services consumers are seeking from a green hotel. Hoteliers also need to know the perceptions and attitudes of guests towards existing green practices in hotels. It is therefore necessary for hoteliers to examine if hotel guests are willing to pay a premium for green hotels. The current study attempts to provide hotel management with such information from tourists in an Asian context. The environmental friendliness and environmental infrastructure of various industries has become increasingly important in appealing to consumers. Along with the spread of concern for environmental degradation and the recognition of various hotels impact on the environment, it is increasingly being recognized that the hotel industry also has a responsibility to contribute to the environment (Rada, 1996).

The establishment of International Hotels Environment Initiative (IHEI) in 1993 played a major role for the green campaign in the hotel industry. The hotel industry has developed a standardized and systematized method for measuring the environmental friendliness of hotels. There are international hotel certification programs in place such as Green Globe and Energy Star, and accreditation schemes such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and
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