Essay On Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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In this world, people are the most important resources for business. This is extremely genuine with respect to a service-intensive sector, which is Hospitality and Tourism (H&T) industry (Baum, 2006). In this industry, development support should emphasize on the staff with high quality of performance and skills so that the hospitality and tourism industry can reach the level of full business potential and it is the main factors to underpin the competitive success in this industry (Baum, 2006).
Hospitality and Tourism (H&T) industry play a significant role in the global economy due to many countries are increasing open up their borders to join the wave of global integration and the development of the hospitality and tourism industry has become a source of substantial foreign exchange revenues for the economies (Giap, Gopalan, & Ye, 2016). Hospitality and Tourism industry is a vast group of businesses that provide services to customers. By proving this kind of service, hospitality and tourism industry should focused on the satisfaction of customers and also providing the specific experiences for customers. Thus, hospitality and tourism industry is unique because it relies heavily on the discretionary income and free time.
Hospitality and Tourism industry is a potential market to create backward and forward linkages that are not only strong but …show more content…

According to Myunget al. (2012), the purpose of green practices is to reduce the impact on the environment by applying environmentally preferred practices by reducing the waste and used sustainable resources and supplies. Therefore, for those owner of green hotel are also advocating the green practices of business activities, “less environmentally

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