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The research paper aim to evaluate a business report for Ashford International Hotel’s Food and Beverage department so is to help them enhance their services for their customers. The report intents to highlight the target market of the hotel and detailed marketing mix and audit on the basis of Macro and Micro analysis to formulate appropriate marketing strategy for the hotel. It concludes on a set of recommendations for Ashford International to help them overlook several options that would further help them increase their services.Ashford International Hotel is a UK based modern hotel nearby Ashford International train station with magnificent location that attract tourist and nearby town people towards the Ashford for tourism purposes. The…show more content…
It is important for organisations especially in hotel industry to increase the diversity and quality of their products and services for their consumers to increase the reputation and business of the organisation in the completive marketplace. In case of Ashford International, it is observed that the company offers a number of services to their consumers that make the hotel attractive for their consumers. In addition, the high quality food and beverage from the in-house kitchen of the hotel further increase their worth in the market. Besides, the hotel has been involved in many events that are organised in Kent by authorities in regards of their food catering and other services that has help them to maintain their image among their consumers (Leung, et al.,…show more content…
It is incorporate the social portability, pay sharing, and giving abilities procured. Ashford International maintains social ethics of individuals and morals by financial specialists in individuals. Ashford International makes its association exceptionally various by utilising the staff from various ethnic societies. The association has understood the significance of globalisation and subsequently enlists multilingual staffs that are substantially more adaptable when contrasted with local people. Moreover, the excellent and diverse food line Ashford International offers to their consumer’s further increase the attractiveness of their performance (Casanueva, et al.,

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