The Growth of Japenese Anime

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Anime was created by Japan, in the year 1917, which introduced a new, entertaining and exciting commodity for the Japanese community to experience and witness. Japan had finally experienced its very own cartoons, which would indulge the Japanese culture that every Japanese citizen is proud of and admires. However, the early years of Anime wasn't its most successful, in fact it was by far its worst. Anime could not keep up with the Western cartoons, to the extent that even the Japanese would prefer Western cartoons over Anime. This proposed a tremendous problem for Anime industries, and action needed to be taken for Anime to be on the map. The industry was facing competition from legendary shows such as Batman, Superman, and Disney's very own Mickey Mouse. The hype and passion around those Western shows was so extreme to the extent that no one can compete. But, if you can't beat them, join them. Anime started incorporating those Western features into their very own animations, the characteristics, the plot, the landscape, and the animation, basically everything that helped, was taken and mixed within the old and unwanted Japanese Animations. This caused the massive explosion of Anime popularity in the late 1960's, as Anime no longer only represented a culture that the Japanese already know, and the West aren't interested in, but has now introduced a new era of ingenuity and brilliance. So what caused Anime to change over the years, and suddenly blossom in the 1960's? How

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