The Gym Is Located On E Law Lane Essay

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The group I chose to study was people that played basketball in the SRSC. The gym is located on E Law Lane. For the most part, I only saw males playing basketball in the rooms with the basketball courts in them so, that group was who I chose to focus on. I ended up asking close to 10 people if they would be willing to be interviewed about the sport but, most of them had schedule conflicts or didn’t want to take part in it. Once I found a willing participant who was eager to talk about his experience with playing basketball, the interviews proceeded from there. After the interviews were conducted, I was able to take time and reflect on many different aspects within them.

Personally, I believe that one of the most important things that came out of the interviews is what I was able to take away as an outsider. As I listened to my interviewee during the first interview, I was able to gather that the importance of the sport varies from person to person. During his freshman year, he always played in his free time at the SRSC or at “Compton” – the basketball court that is closest to the Wright Quadrangle. Also, one of the points he made was that he even considered trying out for the IU basketball team. Though he still plays at the SRSC when he can, it was later explained that now that he is working instead of going to school, basketball has dwindled down on his list of priorities. It was a sport that he enjoyed and put a lot of effort into in high school that he now describes

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