The Health And Wellness Of The Field Of Medicine

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The world is full of people suffering from all types of emotional and physical illnesses. Many of them try to go to a regular doctor for treatment of their condition, but most physicians seem to care more about how much money that they are going to get than they do about the health and wellness of their patients. They either hand out stacks of dangerous prescriptions for medications that do more harm than good, or they refuse to even run a few simple tests that could discover the true cause of an illness. Their uncaring nature goes against the field of medicine, which is why so many people who have been stricken down with an illness are starting to go to a spiritual healer instead. How Sickness is Related to Energy Our bodies are surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy. This energy has been called many things through the years, but it is most commonly known as an aura. Because very few people can see the energy surrounding themselves and others, the aura is often considered to be nothing more than a hoax. Sharks, bats, birds, and other animals that have sharper senses than humans can pick up on it though. Their ability to sense energy is how they are able to find their way across great distances during the season of migration. It also helps them find prey for food and locate water. Some humans have this ability too. They can feel disruptions in the field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds other people and animals, which helps them sense when another living

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