The Health Care System Of America

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The health care system in America has continued to fail many Americans until date. Although the government continues to try and improve it, America still has one of the most expensive yet worst health care systems in the developed world (Hellman, 2014). Health care reform needs to be greatly focused on in order to combat the inequalities within the system. While reading Mama Might Be Better Off Dead: The Failure of Health Care in Urban America, the author described numerous ways in which the health care system failed the Banes’s family. As a Social Worker, my goal is to improve society 's overall well-being for all populations. In the book, Abraham (1993) gave us a detailed account of the Banes’s, a poor African American family coping with distressing illnesses and living in a poor community. The Bane’s struggled indefinitely trying to access good medical care and insurance. The family experienced instances where the services they received were not sufficient. One instance that made me as a Social Worker uncomfortable was pertaining to Robert’s lack of knowledge on his need of care. When Robert received the first sign that his kidneys were failing, he received a diagnosis of focal glomerulosclerosis. This condition was fatal and Robert had not received any treatment for it neither did he see a doctor again for this issue until four years later. This instance is a problem because it shows a lack of care, follow- up and knowledge on the subject matter given on behalf of his…
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