The Health Facility Tours During Austria

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The health facility tours in Austria were conducted at two hospitals, Barmherzige Bruder in Salzburg and tirol kliniken’s central hospital in Innsbruck. Barmherzige Bruder is a hospital based in a monastery. Tirol kliniken’s central hospital is part of a larger hospital system serving the Tirol region of Austria. Both hospitals resembled U.S. hospitals physically; but, both hospitals had a cleaner feel. The hospitals were quieter than then ones I’ve been in the U.S. Less people were in the common spaces.
Like some of the U.S.’s university based teaching hospitals, tirol kliniken’s hospital in Innsbruck is associated with a University. The University hospital had spacious patient rooms in the neurology department and many rooms appeared empty. A pneumatic tube delivery system delivered mail and other things to different department’s including samples to the central lab. The emergency room was set up with two distinct units. One unit handled injuries involving blood and did not have any rooms. This unit triaged individuals behind curtains and moved the patient to the part of the hospital best equipped to deal with their condition. The second unit handled all other illnesses and had six beds. Finally, we were able to tour the heliport. Due to the rural and mountainous conditions, helicopters are placed strategically in the Tirol region where accidents are likely to occur and other vehicles can’t gain access. The helicopters are staffed with one doctor and

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